Robinson Arms XCR Set - Full adjustable stock(fast) included

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The Robinson Armament Co. SG XCR is a multi-caliber, gas piston weapon system developed by Robinson Armament Co. for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The XCR features an integrated rail system for mounting anything from vertical grips to lights. It also features a fully functional ambidextrous bolt release. It takes a standard type M4/M16 magazine so sourcing extra magazines could not be simpler. The internals of this gun are spectacular; the XCR features a unique gearbox that is compatible with most V2 parts. The XCR features a high quality cylinder, cylinder head, aluminum ported piston head, bearing spring guide, high speed gears, medium length motor, hop up bucking and inner barrel. It also includes the Madbull FAST stock! The Madbull XCR-FAST, which stands for “Fully Adjustable STock” can be quickly deployed from the folded position by the push of a strategically placed button and flick of the fingers. It locks firmly into the deployed and folded positions. It can be adjusted so that any user using any sight can be perfectly comfortable. This is the perfect combo if you are looking for an out of the box gun with several accessories to make your gun look unique!

Package include
- Robinson Arms XCR
- Robinson Arms FAST stock
- Mid Cap Mag
- PEQ Box
- Vertical grip

- Full Length Rail
- Ambidextrous Bolt Release
- 45 Degree Fire Control Selector
- Full licensed trade marks
- Thin width and light weight
- Full collapsible stock installed and XCR-FAST Stock included in package
- FAST stock has 5 adjustment settings ranging from 7”- 10”
  • Model: XCR-FAST AEG
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